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Although the MATROSHKA experiment represents the most extensive effort so far in quantifying the radiation exposure of astronauts, harmonization of the available dosimetric data requires putting the scientific output in the context of other research in the field of cosmic-ray dosimetry conducted previously or currently. The HAMLET initiative addresses this issue by focusing on phantom studies as well as active and passive radiation monitoring on the International Space Station (ISS).

A publication database has focused on the following topics has therefore been set up: (a) phantom experiments on ISS, (b) active radiation monitoring on ISS, and (c) passive radiation monitoring on ISS. This web database will be updated in regular intervals to account for the extensive literature survey being still in progress.

A further source of valuable knowledge is provided by the web-based proceedings of the annual Workshops for Radiation Monitoring for the International Space Station (WRMISS), available under http://wrmiss.org/.

Active Radiation Monitoring

Passive Radiation Monitoring

Phantom Experiments

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The HAMLET project is funded by the European Commission under the EU’s
Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and coordinated by the
German Aerospace Center (DLR)

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